Friday, December 7, 2007




Construct part 4

Looking into other aspects of thin plywood. What effects it can offer.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Construct part 3

Laminating plywood to create the cut surfaces then 'de-laminating' in search of spaces.

Construct part 2

Trying another sheet material - aluminium. Still too controlled...

Construct part 1

Continuing with sheet materials from first project, looking for spaces between cut paper surfaces.

final construct

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

For Jiehwoo- Borromini

Jiehwoo- I'm not generally in the habit of recommending students look at Swiss baroque architects, however I think in this case it could be relevant.

Having seen your models today I have been thinking about the spatial organisation. Borromini used a specific hierarchy of served vs. servant spaces. Niches in plan are joined by domes and coffers in ceilings. This may be a way for you to address organisation and also material thickness to your models in the last few days.

About Tomvan Arman

Our guest critic Tom van Arman is currently working at bureau B+B

Visit site of B+B to see their work

This one to be dipped in plaster then stretched over jigg

Painting stretched canvas with Resin

construct (in the computer)


stayed with paper, I think I could reduce the flimsiness to an amount where the paper gives me the certain randomness I want to achieve

I'm trying to find a material with some characteristic as softness, hardness and slimness. This models are made of plastic and plaster with a structure of aluminium. Now I'm working with resin. I'm also interested in the qualities of the spaces in this folfed material, which can be outside and inside at the same time, continuos and related.

Monday, December 3, 2007


The top image is my initial attempt at lamination, the middle is a later attempt at trying to get more dramatic change in the topography of the plywood. The final image (which for some reason I am unable to orient properly) is how I want to connect upper and lower levels of the model together.

Crit 07.12.07

We will be joined on Friday by two guests, Cécile Brisac and Tom Van Armen.

Cécile Brisac
, of Brisac Gonzalez Architects was a student of the AA and is currently a member of the AA Council. Brisac Gonzalez won a competition to design the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1999. They are currently working on a number of projects in Paris, Moscow and also Aberdeen.

Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg- Brisac Gonzalez 2005

Designs on Democracy, Stockport- Brisac Gonzalez

Peacock Arts Centre, Aberdeen (In Progress)- Brisac Gonzalez

Tom Van Armen has worked with S333 and is currently practising at Landscape Architects Bureau Bakker, Bleeker


inhabited construct model, but still wondering about the connection between spaces