Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I have been analysing communities, activities and times, and the relationship between them. I have made a diagram of uses according to the privacy and the connexion among them pointing out the entrance and possible itineraries. It is an useful tool to organize in plan and in section all the activities within the proposal and to understand the different boundary conditions between two or more activities. Now I’m trying to draw this distribution and defining those relations.

Lost in translation?

I understand some of you are struggling with reality; After being removed from it for a while it can be quite confronting to see the bare banal reality of the city in it's current state it in no way resembles the artists impressions shown by large NEW projects.

The only way to beat reality is by transforming it (by drawing or modelling) and then testing the effects (by careful thinking) both as an optimist and a pessimist. And drawing again and again. Take it step by step so you can still see the narrative.
Change perspective every now and then (from plan, section to overview) when you are going in circles.

How you will brand and market a program (Silvie) can be part of a strategy but never the goal. Speculation on what form it might take and which spatial/organisational form enhances the development you are looking for.

Good luck

lost - thinking - HELP

after Friday I have been very lost and did not feel to confident with the crit - was maybe not able to understand the feedback or it did not help me directly so I was thinking and scribbling a lot down.
Also approached a few people in school for help - got a few reading lists and the books were I have my head in right now.
Meantime worked on the group project (team c) drew a section of the allowed building height around our area, although a WEST - EAST section would be very useful. - don’t know if that exists but was not able to get hold of it - so could if anyone has it send it to me please
Otherwise also looking back on Tokyo and seeing were and how it all could come together

Ive been thinking....

I needed to organise my thoughts so I wrote down my basic ideas. I think I will now start with mapping the area to find the environments... I know it sounds a bit like a political manifesto....but bear with me...

CONCEPTUAL IDEA: Our cityscape encourages us to act with direction: to go shopping, to go to the office, to go to the gym. It encourages directed movement. In asking you to put your head down and get on with it, the cityscape tells you not to ask questions of your environment, not to explore your environment. It tells you to be obedient to a greater movement, and not to explore your personal movement. If we are at least in part a product of our environment, what happens when we are programmed not to ask questions…not to explore? I believe it is fundamental to us to explore and to discover, to ask a question with the potential of being wrong or right, not to be told what is wrong or right.

My proposal for kings cross is, in a sense not what I believe kings cross needs, it is what I believe a city needs…that is: a cityscape that encourages exploration.

SPATIAL PROPOSAL: I believe the city has a wealth of awesome environments, each distinct from the other, each potentially as exceptional as the other. I propose to design a series of spaces in the area south east of our site. Each one defined by and born out of one of these environments. These spaces are not connected, it is for the individual to decide if they ever go to the others or even ever find out about the others. These spaces have no programme, it is for the individual to decide what each environment is suited to.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THERE IS NOT PROGRAMME? PROCESS. On the day of construction, posters go up in the area…. “Are you interested in discovering an opportunity?” Those interested turn up, see the environments, and draw straws. For one year they run their programme in their respective environments. One year later, it all comes down.

Lost with ideas

program\\\ galeries with small workshops for st martins students who want to start to exhibit their work already during there study ....
same with performances, like small gigs as well as theatre - small venue - concluded with a club on top - maybe comination with scala
mixed inbetween are cafes an pubs to attract other students and even tourists
beside of that an art supply shop in the basement
---->>> creates a new artplatform for young artists, designers and maybe architects
if there's any space left it would be good to get some office space inside to have a fix income for the building, otherwise it would have to be all sponsored...

I'm really lost at the moment, managed to to write down the program I'd like to achieve, found some references for theatre cafes, bars, ... to have a comparison to scale but i have no clue how I should work with the studies from the first term. Should we design something with that qualities without thinking about the context or how can I bring in issues like light qualities, special tectonics and so on in a diagrammatic program, how should I go on !help please! everyone is welcome to post

Monday, February 11, 2008

argent and network rail meeting

planning the group strategies...

the new developer star in the middle with her helpers


Saturday, February 9, 2008

hello team a
can u please tell me the scale of your section as i would like to draw an additional section over it of the height restrictions
and would it be possible for u guys to send me a section or elevation west/east

Friday, February 8, 2008

Digital Fabrication in Architecture

Fabian Scheurer, hosted by Michael Weinstock and Michael Hensel
Bits to Pieces – Digital Fabrication in Architecture

AA- 11/02/08- 6.00pm

Should be an interesting lecture in relation to the forthcoming development of your projects- I would recommend you all to attend.

Camera mapping

Green space.

artificial light

Saturday, February 2, 2008

traffic proposal within the masterplan

for the proposal - group heart
(not final lay out)




the order is the other way around