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Exquisite Corpse Workshop 25/26 01 08

Images from our two day workshop- which offered some new perspectives on proposals for Kings X

Scissors Paper Stone- warm up

Fred- adding to the exquisite corpse

Tamim- explaining the rail crash......

Tala- Team 'Octopus' emerges.....

Team 'Green Cross' development models

Team 'New Heart' discuss Mom & Pop vs. Multinationals

Team 'Labyrinth' field an alternative proposal

Caroline explains the Labyrinth

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


sorry guys

made a mistake die format for some reason was slighly small than A4

i have sent a new template - please use that one


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

hey everyone

for the people who werent here today
the format is A4 for the booklet although we gonna have A3 print outs to work with - both portrait
we will still have the colour coding on top with 5 different colours
Intro - red
Group A - purple
group B - blue
group c - green
additional - yellow

(thats the smaller strip indicating the section)
the bigger one would be for you guys to choose colours according to every new topic within this colour family
also please change the title written in white to the title of your sheet.

there are 4 templates - 4 possibilities
again use whats the most useful one
it should accomodate everyone except maybe group a (sections, elevations)

text: fond is ARIAL (everyone has it and it is simple)

1st. title for text size 13 colour 353535
2nd title size 11 colour 353535
text size 10 colour 494949
sources / image description size 8 colour 828282 (i have that already under each image box - if not needed please delete)

think thats it for now
if questions or if i have forgotten something
tell me

tokyo mappings

Saturday, January 19, 2008

colour coding

in order to archive a consistence in the document i thought of a colour coding for various activities, uses...
if every map, diagram... could use these colours than the document would be easier to read and pages or images would be comparable
these are the official colour codings for architectural drawings (book found in the library)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ok sorry the two lower images dont have the printing boarder anymore because of stupid jpeg format
will do as pdf


ok basically the first is the template with a colour coding at the side 5 colours (you can choose - can also be grey tone :) - intro, A, B, C, acknoledgement...
in that side bit is the page number, the overall section title bit smaller and a big bigger the specific page title
bottom of the page is a general info
not really shure what to write
right now: architectural association school of architecture - intermediate unit 6 - kings cross study - 2008 (please give me suggestions)
the box on the left hand side has to be free for binding except if a foto is supposed to bleed into it as in the third image
generally i think to keep it simple every group lays theire pages individually out as it is hard for me to do that for fotos, graphics, drawings, text...
but still the colour, fond size and the fond should stay the same
so i just said now: 1st. title size 18 colour 353535
2nd title size 12 colour 353535
text size 10 colour 494949
sources / image description size 8 colour 828282

if we want to make it really fancy we could have a colour tone for each section and then within this tone different darkness grades for different sections

small symbols would be nice but for that we would need to sit together and discuss which ones we need... maybe on tuesday

hope this is ok

oh yeah i have choosen a format in between A4 and A3 so not to small for drawings or big images but also not to big to hold it and with nice thick paper (160 gr) it should be ok

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