Thursday, August 14, 2008

Next steps...

I feel that the next thing to do is to develop the programme so that it's form is determined by the intersections of the 'balloons' so to speak. The programme may need to dictate this form to some extent as well. I'm tending toward a cinema as the programme since I still want to keep the site as a public realm and a cinema is someting KX does not currenty have. My intention is to then extend the line of the balloons to determine the size and orientation of the facades, keeping in mind the permeable nature that I want to keep.

On site I'm thinking that this building will be situated toward the Scala end of the site with an underground connection going underneath to the other side of Gray's Inn Road. Pentonville Road will still be blocked off and an above ground connection to the King's Cross forecourt will be created.

Any other suggestions or comments?

facade video

Cut facade

The facade is a development of the cut paper models but split so that the two 'vertical' directions are separated by the horizontal plates.

Second attempt at internal space

Removing some of the less practical angles from the model to try and get a more usable space.

First attempt at internal space

Trying to create the spaces that might exist within the cube where the balloons intersect.